The City of Burlingame provides water, sewer, gas, electric and trash pick-up services for everyone within the city limits and most of the surrounding area.  If you are locating to a home in the area around Burlingame contact City Hall and we will be happy to help determine who your service provider would be.

Utility bills are mailed around the 1st of each month and are due upon receipt.  Bills are considered delinquent after 5:00pm on the 20th of each month or the first working day after the 20th if it is a weekend or official holiday.

Wesley Colson, City Superintendent
David Punches, Public Works
Jake Lang, Public Works
Phillip Lacey, Public Works
Dillon Quaney, Public Works


The City operates its own gas distribution system that is fed from a pipeline south of Osage City and purchases the gas as part of a consortium of cities in Kansas.  This gives us better buying power and someone to help watch gas prices and make guesses on future gas prices.


The City operates its own electrical generation plant and distribution system.  This allows the efficient operation to ensure constant service even in the event of major storms in the area.  Power may be out for short periods of time, but even during major ice storms, service is generally not out for more than a few hours.  The city has crews standing by in the event of a storm to fix damaged lines and systems to provide power to the public.


The City provides sanitary sewer collection services for only those accounts inside the City Limits.  The city collects the sewage and pumps it to a three lagoon system on the southeast corner of town. Burlingame is presently persuing ways to fund sewer system upgrades.


Trash pick-up service is contracted with Waste Management.  Service is arranged through City Hall.  Residential customers are picked up on Tuesdays and Commercial customers are picked up on Tuesday and Friday of each week. Customers outside the city limits are pick up on Friday. In the event of a holiday occurring on a pick-up day, please click here for the schedule.  Please have your trash out by the curb before 6:00am on the day of pick-up to ensure it will be taken.


The City obtains its water from Melvern Lake and is treated in Osage City’s water plant.  The water is then pumped by the City of Burlingame from Osage City to Burlingame where it is distributed.  In 2008 the City completed a water project replacing all of the water mains, as well as a larger water tower being constructed on the west side of town.