Tips from Waste Management

Hello from your Waste Management Local Team 

We understand weather events are inconvenient and thank you in advance for your understanding. To help our customers better understand our commitment to safety, we have included a brief list of winter weather facts and tips on how you can help us service you better during winter months.

It is important to understand our vehicles are different from yours, weighing more than 38,000 pounds empty, and do not handle the same in snow and icy conditions. Our drivers make everyone’s safety their number one priority; sometimes they can’t service a particular road or alley to protect everyone from potential injury or property damage.

Inclement weather affects all of us. Please take the time to ensure the area around your trash and recycling containers is clear of all snow and ice so we can continue to service you without interruption.

A few key tips to ensure prompt service:

  • Shovel the ground clear of all snow and ice in front and on the sides of your container to allow driver suitable access to service your container.
  • Salt around your containers to aid our drivers in maneuvering around your container safely.
  • If your container resides in an alley, ensure the alley (including all points of entry) is cleared of snow – this is imperative for our drivers to have direct access to your container on your scheduled pick up day.
  • If your container resides in a corral, ensure both the corral doors can swing open to their fullest capacity.

Container and access road completely inaccessible for truck and driver.

Road may be plowed, but the snow pushed onto the corral has iced over and the driver cannot safely open the doors. 

Road appears clear, but the truck cannot safely back up to the container in order to attach to the roll off for service. 

Driver unable to push or pull the wheeled container out from the corral location in order to line up with truck for servicing. 

Our goal is to service your containers on time, every time. However, weather conditions may cause unexpected servicing costs. You can help minimize impacts by ensuring your containers are serviceable throughout the winter season.

We are always available to assist you with any questions or inquires you may have regarding your service.  Please feel free to contact our Customer Service through

We appreciate your business!