Public Works

The Public Works Department is here to serve the City of Burlingame and its patrons.  We currently have five full time employees that take care of the maintenance and everyday operations of the systems.

Wesley Colson, City Superintendent
David Punches, Public Works
Jake Lang, Public Works
Phillip Lacey, Public Works
Dillon Quaney, Public Works

We maintain all of the utilities plus the streets and the Parks Department.  On a monthly and quarterly basis we turn in water and sewer samples to stay compliant with the State.  We are also regulated by the Kansas Corporation Commission and we have to do routine checks on the gas system.

The City has 1434 meters in its system, all of which are AMR meters.  These meters are read electronically on a monthly basis.

Spring is around the corner and summer not for behind. We made it through a rough winter with lots of snow removal. Now is the time to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. We are tuning up the lawn mowers, fertilizing the ball fields and spreading rock on some of the streets.